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Like many businesses, Inflatable World Narellan was hit hard by the recent Covid lockdown. Overnight your business comes to a stop & no one knows when life will return. But they were pro-active & looked at ways they could digitally adapt their business to not only suit the new rules, but also to provide confidence to the general public, that their safety was of the utmost importance.

The Problem

When we met with the team, they advised that the only way to buy tickets, was at the door, and as they needed to control guest numbers.  They had been looking at implementing ecommerce solutions but everything was too expensive. They also wanted to grow their database & automate their marketing.

The Solution

Given that they produce all of their marketing specifically for their Facebook page, it made perfect sense to harness this and keep their customers within the Facebook ecosystem & use Messenger Marketing… which Facebook encourages.

So we built a Chatbot / virtual assistant within their Messenger account that would allow them to pre-sell tickets to any of their daily sessions.  This allowed them to control guest numbers within their specific space as per their Covid safe policy.

We used a combination of organic & paid advertising to show ads to specific audiences & seamlessly transitioned users from Facebook & into Messenger to complete their purchase.

The chatbot flawlessly handled the different ticketing prices & made buying easy & fun.

Messenger Marketing Bookings

One of the great things it allowed Inflatable World Narellan to achieve was to funnel their users through 1 simple channel, Facebook. Users are already on Facebook (fish were the fish are), know exactly where to go to purchase tickets rather than redirecting them to a website, are comfortable using it & it is trusted.

It’s worth noting here that Facebook prefers brands to keep content within their ecosystem versus solely linking off-site. In fact, Facebook’s practice of deemphasizing links and preferring their own native content is no secret.

We also provided unique and trackable links to the Inflatable World team which would allow them to understand where the sales are coming from.  One of them is used on their website, another in an email to their database & others used in community Facebook groups & paid ads. All of these links directed the users into Messenger & allowed them to track their traffic & understand where to place more emphasis in their Messenger Marketing.

We created automatic session reminders which were sent out 2 hours before a booked session. Not only did it remind them of the session time & have them confirm it, but it also reminded them to bring their socks & advised them to be prepared to arrive a little earlier so that they could navigate the new sanitisation and check-in process.

Messenger Marketing Rate Us

Speaking of Checking-In, we provided a very easy process that took customers less than 5 secs to complete which helped in getting everyone inside quicker. Once inside, the chatbot advised customers where the canteen & bathrooms were located & hoped they enjoyed their stay.  These little delighters go along way to making the customers experience with this business, a memorable one.

To round out that experience, after the session had ended, the chatbot followed up with each customer to discover how they enjoyed their session.  Customers were encouraged to provide a rating and advise what they enjoyed and what could have been done better.  Over 40% of customers completed their conversations with the chatbot and provided the Inflatable World team with not only lots of valuable feedback & vindication on the hard work done by everybody, but also it provided them with content to use on social media to allay any fears other may have on topics such as attending numbers, cleanliness, COVID and many more.

All of the sales, check-ins & feedback are all collated into a spreadsheet allowing the team to learn from their messenger marketing and grow their databases.

Owner Fiona Grace said that “We have used IntelliChat Marketing’s ticketing system during our busiest times, and it has worked extremely well to create an even flow of guests within our Centre. The ability to remind customers of their session allowed us to keep our sales consistently high by avoiding no-shows. The feedback gathered has allowed us to provide better product & service & it has also encouraged our young team who now know what a positive impact they play in the lives of others.  The utilisation of this capability will be key to the way we re-engage with our customers moving forward when we reopen.

The Result

During the 7 week period, Inflatable World Narellan

  • automatically handled over 1,400 messages
  • 85% of customers purchased via Messenger
  • grew their database over 200%
  • sales remained steady despite the Covid restrictions
  • 40% of customers left feedback
  • Over 220 hours of manual handling saved

Services We Offered

Our involvement included:

  • Building an Ecommerce facility inside of Messenger that took credit card payments & handled guest numbers for each session
  • Automated reminders 2 hours before each session to avoid no-shows & ensure sessions were at maximum guest numbers
  • 1 button checkin at the door that was fast and really easy.
  • Automated follow up with every attending guest with request for feedback. Feedback was used for business growth & content marketing.
  • Every aspect of this campaign was captured into a spreadsheet for evaluation.
  • Targeted Ad campaigns using bespoke Facebook strategies to create maxed out sessions
  • Customer Graphic and Video design to enhance the brand.

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