So, what happens when this influx of potential leads come calling?

Will there be anyone there to meet them at the gate? If you’re a busy business owner, then maybe it’s something you haven’t considered. After all there’s the day to day running of your business to take care of. Can you afford to be manning your phone all day, responding to emails, checking your messages, giving quotes, managing the questions they’ll want to ask?

It all takes manpower and perhaps that’s something you don’t have, or can’t afford to put in place. But you can solve this problem with a chatbot.

What is Chat Marketing, or a chatbot for that matter?

Chat apps are the future. We chat with our family and friends and we’re used to having them respond instantly. Because of this trend, we’re now conditioned to expect instant responses with we engage with a business. 

Chat marketing is a marketing channel that connects brands with customers over messaging platforms like Messenger, SMS, and other channels.  Chatbots are self-help tools for establishing and improving communications. They simulate real-time conversations with potential clients.  Businesses involve the customer in direct one-on-one conversation, which help them to deliver ultra-personalized content like product recommendations, shipping notifications, targeted product launches, and more. Chatbots can be ‘trained’ to answer customer questions and direct them where they want to go. 

As a consumer, it’s beyond frustrating to find that there could be several business days before a simple issue can be resolved, or a query answered. An automated “no-reply” email can send a potential customer scurrying off to look elsewhere. 

Businesses can use chat marketing to improve their customer experience, to generate more sales and build a deeper rapport with customers. The ability to proactively interact with customers means that chatbots allow your customers to easily interact with you.

Why is Chat Marketing so effective?

60% of the most frequented apps are chat apps. And the numbers, when comparing Chat Marketing to other leading channels, speak for themselves:

  • Chat boasts 85% open rates, while email’s open rates are a meagre 20%.
  • Chat’s engagement rates are consistently 40%, while display ads provide a mere 1% click-through rate.
  • Chat’s conversion rates are solidly 10%, while email ekes out 4% conversion rates.

In other words, Chat Marketing outperforms the next leading digital marketing channels by staggering numbers.